Shrine Schedule

First Saturday Special

  • 09:00 AM:- Eucharistic Adoration (Tamil)
  • 10:00 AM:- Mass in Malayalam
  • 11:00 AM:- Car Procession with recitation of the Rosary (Tamil & Malayalam)
  • 11:45 AM:- Reading of the intentions of the mass
  • 12:00 AM:- The Novena Prayer (Tamil)
  • 12:15 AM:- Mass in Tamil
  • 01:30 PM:- Common Meal
  • 04:00 PM:- Mass in Tamil
  • 06:30 PM:- Mass in Tamil

P.S: On Sunday following the first Saturday of the month, there are two masses - one at 06.00 a.m. and the other at 07.30 a.m. - in the Shrine. On other Sundays, there is only one mass in the Shrine at 07.00 a.m.

On other Saturdays: 06.30 p.m. - Car procession (smaller car) with recitation of the Rosary. During the procession, the faithful carry lighted candles in their hands. The car procession is followed around 07.30 p.m. by the Novena prayer after which there is a mass in Tamil. That is the only mass of the day in the Shrine.

Contact Details

The Presbytery (Parish Priest's Residence) : 04639-261230

The Shrine Shop : 04639-261330

The Shrine Office: 04639-261430

From Fr. R. J. Ravi Balan, Rector & Parish Priest of the Shrine of Thirukalyana Madha, Pothakalanvilai - 628 702, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India

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