First Saturday's Special at Thirukalyanamatha.

Saturdays are dedicated as Mother Mary’s days. Especially First Saturday Mass of every month is very special and in doing so prayer requests of devotees are heard by mother Mary.

First Saturday veneration of Mother Mary was started during the period of Rev.Fr.Arul Thanaseelan.

This is to spread Thirukalya Matha’s divine Mercy, Miracles and the unique blessings of the devotees. The Holy service was started by 5pm on every First Saturday with Novena Prayers.

Now First Saturday holy service including Mass starts by 12 pm to help the devotees reach their places on time.

This has been going on for the past 5 years without any interruption.

Thirukalyana Matha Divine Mercy Devotion during First Saturdays at Pothakalanvilai Shrine:

First Saturday Devotional programmes:

The Devotional prayers to Thirukalyana Matha Divine Mercy starts by 9.30 am with the slaying of Rosary. This is followed by:
  • Prayer flowers to Mother Mary
  • Holy Eucharist
  • Thirukalyana Matha Car procession
  • Novena Mass
  • Special Prayers for the Sick and the invalid
  • In the Evening Benediction is held.

Petition Box Containing Devotees’ Prayer Requests:

Thousands of People make a beeline to fill up Prayer Requests form where they write their heart’s wishes and express their heart- felt thanks related to their joys, sorrows and wonderful happenings in their families as a result of their devotion to Thirukalyana Matha.

The growing number of People visiting the shrine on every first Saturday is witness enough that Thirukalyana Matha heeds to their Requests and Prayers

Special Devotion Spreading

During First Saturdays the Shrine campus is filled with devotional programmes where your heart and soul is nourished with love and Prayer

In the Divine Mercy Devotion, the message takes on a powerful new focus calling people to a deeper understanding that mother Mary’s love to her devotees is unlimited and available for all.

Mid day Lunch

Since the devotional Service stretches beyond noon, sumptuous meals are provided for all the devotees who visit the shrine from various parts.

In the morning Pongal is provided for all the people and cool drinks are given at regular intervals. Infants are given special attention by providing milk.

It is conservatively estimated that more than ten thousand people frequent the shrine during first Saturdays from various parts of TamilNadu and kerala.

The number of vehicles coming to the shrine on first saturday crosses 200.

Large Gathering turning up:

Thousands of people start coming from early morning itself. Especially People from the coastal area are tuning up in large numbers and receive the blessings of Thirukalyana Matha.

The Petitions box and Thanks giving box are flooded with people’s prayer requests. During Holy Mass and Holy Eucharist people vent up in loud the unlimited blessings they receive from ThirukalyanaMatha.