Events Timeline

Events of worth on the Timeline(Milestones) of Thiukalyana Matha shrine:

1924 - January23 - Foundation Stone laid for the present day Thirukalyana Matha Church by Most.Rev.Thibursius Roch.

1926 – Pothakalanvilai was made a new parish. Rev.Fr.Pancar became the first Parish Priest.

23.1.1971 – Most. Rev.Thomas blessed the present church. St.Antony’s Grotta was erected at the southern part of pothakalanvilai.

1986 – St.Mary’s High School was established.

1988 – St.Mary’s Hr.Secondary School started functioning.

1998 – Grotta of Lourdes Mary was blessed.

2006 - Uraugal DVD was released by the Parish priest.

2008 – The Grotta at the Four way Junction was blessed and Arputha Thaye’

DVD released by V.R.A.Jeya Raj and Family. 2009 – Azhahiya Thaye DVD was released by V.Edwin Kamaraj and family.

2009 – Newly built shrine Car house and Mega Dining Hall for Mass Feeding Functions were blessed open.

28.05.2009 – Rev. Fr.Fabion Joseph took charge as parish priest.

16.01.2010 – Pilgrims’ Lodging House was opened.

22.01.2010- The First issue of Thirukalayamatha Thai magazine was released.

23-01-2010 – Website on Thirukalayanmatha went online. Painting work was Done inside the great Dome and Art paintings on Jesus Christ were done.

2011 – DVD on Thirukalyanamatha Thai Mariye was released to mark the ‘Pavazha Vizha ’ Occasion.

30-05-2011 – Jesus christ’s crucified statue was fixed at mother Lourdes Mary Grotta and water Fountains were arranged with flowers, and ornamental plants around the area.

26.12.2011 – Rev.Fr.Starlin’s Ordination was conducted at Thirukalyanamatha Shrine by Most.Rev.Yvon Ambroise.

22, 23-01-2013 – 100th car Procession was held.

22.04.2013 – Joseph pakiyaraj’s Ordination was held.

12.05.2013 – Thirukalyanamatha Church was proclaimed as shrine by Most.Rev.Dr.Yvon Ambroise, Bishop of Tuticorin Diocese.

Thirukalyana Matha Church Festival:

In Rememberance of the Betrothal function between Mother Mary and St.Joseph, Thirukalayana Matha church was established in 1935. The present church was dedicated in the year 1971. From that year till date Thirukalyana Matha church festival is celebrated from January 14 to 23. It is a tradition that at the first day of festival after the flag hoisting ceremony is over betel leaves are given to the people to mark the auspicious occasion.

The drama dedicated to St.Sebastin

A drama on the life history of St.Sebastin is enacted for 3 days during annual feast from January 24 to 26 with pious and piety. The text in this drama is delivered in classical style. This drama was written by Mr.Micheal Annavi in palm leaves 50 years back. The same text and concept is still maintained in its originality. At the conclusion of the drama during the third night the whole audience stands in unison and sang the song Glory to Jesus and would guide the parish priest to the Flag closing ceremony.

Reverence on the month of May:

During the month of May there are festivities and Mass Feeding in reverence to Mother Mary.

Annual Mass Feeding Ceremony:

Every year Mass Feeding ceremony is conducted at the last Saturday of lent.