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   Live The Betrothal of ThirukalyanMatha : Our beloved Thirukalyana Matha was born to the parents of swaikin and Anne in the clan of David. It was proclaimed that those who came to court Thirukalyana Matha would bring a cane in their hands. Mother Mary was supposed to marry the one whose cane would blossom into flowers.

First Saturdays

First Saturday Thirukalyanamatha Devotion and the Related Programmes at Pothakalanvilai.
Saturdays are dedicated as Mother Mary’s days. Especially First Saturday Mass of every month is very special and in doing so prayer requests of devotees are heard by mother Mary.


Events of worth on the Timeline(Milestones) of Thiukalyana Matha shrine:
1924 - January23 - Foundation Stone laid for the present day Thirukalyana Matha Church by Most.Rev.Thibursius Roch.

Welcome to Thirukalyana Matha Church!

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